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Short people be like

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plot twist: you wake up for school fully rested and ready to socialize


like there are literally millions of people who suffer from mental illness but can’t access decent care, so every time i see someone go on a tangent about self-diagnosers i want to ask them what they think those people should do instead.

i am dead fucking serious. tell me. what do you recommend they do? because it kinda sounds like you don’t give a fuck, and that makes you an ableist, classist piece of shit.

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Finding a typo in a book


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life hack: get a tattoo. if the people at the job interview notice it and look concerned, laugh a little and explain “it’s just temporary.”  months later if your boss asks why you lied and said it was a temporary tattoo, stare off into the distance and whisper with a tremulous voice the poor excuse for truth your subconscious has been fighting for its entire insignificant existence: “everything is temporary.”

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‘Visible Light’ Photo Series Captures Sculpture-Like Portraits of Light Itself by Alexander Harding

Connecticut-based artist Alexander Harding went a little bit meta with his intriguing photo series Visible Light. All photographers capture light, but he used light as the subject, trying to bring the essence of light to life in an almost tangible form.

Harding started the series back in 2010, we first shared a few of his images in 2011, and since then he’s added many more images of light rays and cascades so obvious they serve as each photograph’s main subject. Some photos from the series are fairly simple in execution, capturing the thick light as it shines through doors and windows. Other images use materials such as aluminum foil to give light a physical existence.

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nice save

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